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Our research is supported by a variety of external and internal sources of funding. Here we feature some examples of research projects that have received funding on a competitive basis. Further details regarding our research efforts can be found in the profiles of individual researchers and on the departmental websites.

2022 - 2024

Exploring contemporary Han Chinese monastic religiosities in mainland China’s Sino-Tibetan Buddhist landscape

2022 - 2025

Dr. MAK George Kam Wah

Hong Kong as the World Centre for Chinese Protestant Bible Publishing and Distribution, 1951-1965

2022 - 2023

Dr. CHOW-QUESADA Emily Shun-man

Intersections of Postcolonial Female Subjectivities: A study of Post-Apartheid South African Women Playwrights and Staging their Voices for Contemporary Anglophone Hong Kong Theatre

2022 - 2025

Dr. Adam Craig SCHWARTZ

New Warring States Versions of the Classic Shījīng—An Analysis of the Ancient Songs Collected in the Anhui University Manuscripts

2022 - 2024

Dr. PAN Janice Jun

Re-testing the universals: “Mining” interpreting data through re-engineered mega-size corpora

2022 - 2024

The Meanings, Functions and Uses of Cantonese Discourse Particles: A Research Monograph Project with Pedagogical Materials

2022 - 2024

Dr. ZONG Emily Yu

Towards Anti-Racist Nature: Asian Australian Environmental Literature and Art

2022 - 2024

Dr. Robert J. NEATHER

Translating Extinction: Translation, Exhibitionary Practice and Visitor Engagement in Museum Presentations of Extinction Events and Ecological Crisis

2022 - 2025

Dr. KWOK Andrew Wai Luen

Transnational Religious Exchange of Chinese Protestant Christians and Its Socio-Cultural Impacts: The Case of The Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism, 1974-2021

2022 - 2024

Dr. CHEN I-ling

Using the Korean Reception and Critique of Cai Shen蔡沈’s Shu jizhuan書集傳 to Identify Divergences Between Chinese and Korean Confucian Thought