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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is our newest Faculty in HKBU formed on 1st July 2024. Embarking upon the Arts' 62-year and Social Sciences’ 53-year of legacies and academic foundations, the new FASS strives to lead the multiple arts and social sciences disciplines to cultivate a vibrant and diverse milieu that fosters transdisciplinary research, students' creativity and empathy.

In the coming months, FASS will further develop our strategic directions together with our four newly formed Academies (i.e. Academy of Chinese, History, Religion and Philosophy, Academy of Geography, Sociology, and International Studies, Academy of Language and Culture, and Academy of Wellness and Human Development) which house our various departments and programmes.

As a major Faculty in HKBU, we pledge to facilitate the achievements of the University's overarching vision, emphasizing innovation and collaboration. Through transcending traditional academic boundaries, FASS is committed to promoting transdisciplinary education and research, offering diverse perspectives for students’ learning, enhancing their critical thinking and innovation capacity to navigate through and address contemporary grand global challenges.

FASS will further expand our research collaboration in alignment with HKBU’s spearheaded strategic cluster of Humanities and Cultures, and illustrate our care via transdisciplinary research to offer deeper knowledge development and solutions to human and societal issues.

As our new website is being developed and soon to be updated, your inputs for enhancing our education programmes, research endeavours, and knowledge transfer initiatives are welcome. Together, the aspirations and efforts of our staff, students, alumni and community stakeholders will make us unique and excellent.


Daniel W.L. Lai, PhD

Dean & Chair Professor

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Hong Kong Baptist University