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The M.A. in Creative Writing for Cultural Professionals (MACWCP) is the world’s first bilingual MA creative writing programme in English and Chinese. We emphasize cultural diversity and encourage students to think critically and creatively across different languages.


  1. We aim to train cultural professionals in the foundations of writing and thinking creatively in both English and Chinese, so they are able to develop their careers in the language of their choice yet have an international, cross-cultural outlook in their development.
  2. The Programme is designed to recognize and strengthen the role creative writing plays for professionals in different cultural and creative fields, especially during challenging times in local and global contexts. Through appropriate training, graduates can turn their creative writing into a significant strategy to deal with social issues, community development, personal anxiety, etc. and to serve as a communicative channel to bring civic engagement, transparency, and better understanding to the community.
  3. The writing courses are taught in relation to history, politics, theory, and philosophy, as well as media studies, gender studies, and cultural studies.
  4. Students are expected to conduct their Master Projects in either Chinese or English with close professional guidance.

Programme Structure:

The M.A. programme may be pursued either on a full-time basis (1 year) or part-time basis (2 years). Students are required to complete 27 units in total (18 units of core courses including a Master Project and 9 units of free electives). 

MACWCP Ma Po Po Community Farm

MACWCP Ma Po Po Community Farm

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