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To enhance the success rate in submitting journal articles for peer review for publication in top venues, one’s manuscript needs to be well prepared, polished and edited.  There are consultants and companies that offer such a service for a fee. The Faculty of Arts provides funding to help postgraduate students make use of such services so that their manuscripts could be polished before submission for publication.

(B)Nature of Service

Academic editing – grammar, punctuation, style, spelling, standardization of terms, clarity, fluency, etc.

Statistical consultation – compilation, verification, analysis, and presentation of data.

(C)Qualification for Application

Current research postgraduate students (PhD and MPhil) in the Faculty of Arts

A finished manuscript (journal article) intended for refereed publication.

(D)Service Providers

The Dean’s Office keeps an Approved List of Service Providers, and students can check the details of the providers from the Arts Faculty homepage.

Students can suggest providers, full time or free lance, to the Dean’s Office for vetting

To avoid conflict of interest, reimbursement will be made only if the service provider is on the Dean’s Office Approved List.

(E)Ceiling of Funding Support

Up to HK$5,000 per student per academic year; any exceeded amount will be borne by the student concerned.  The unused amount cannot be carried over to the next academic year.  This service will be given to the same student not more than 2 times throughout the whole study period of three-years(PhD) or two-years(MPhil).

(F)Reimbursement Procedures

Students will be required to pay for the service in advance and get reimbursement upon presenting the receipt and the evidence of submission of the revised written work to a publisher.


A softcopy of the revised manuscript should be sent to the Dean’s Office for record.

(H)Application Procedures

Send a completed application form to the Dean’s Office.  Supporting documents should be attached if the agent/consultant is not on the Approved List of Service Providers.

The applicant could approach the agent/consultant to start the editing service upon receiving an approval form from the Dean’s Office.

The applicant will be required to pay for the service in advance.

Official receipt, evidence of submission to the publisher, and the submitted manuscript (soft copy) should be sent to the Dean’s Office for reimbursement.


Application form

Approved List of Service Providers