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Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute

There is an urgent need for greater exchange between Western Sinology and traditional Chinese learning in the global academic community. The Sino-Humanitas Institute (SHI) aims to promote international Sinological research and exchange between Chinese and foreign scholars. With the generous support of a donation from the chairman of the SML Group, Mr. Simon Suen, and Mrs. Mary Suen, a development fund was set up to sponsor the activities of the institute and related research projects.

    Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute

    In order to bring together world distinguished scholars at HKBU and provide a platform for academic exchange, SHI organizes international symposiums and public lectures by prominent researchers and promising young scholars, inviting them to share their valuable views, experiences and findings with our fellow staff and students. SHI also supports publication plans to help to promote classical Chinese studies and Chinese civilization within the community.

    SHI was established in 2011 with the following objectives:

    1. To promote Sinological scholarship at Hong Kong Baptist University;
    2. To collaborate with academic and cultural institutions in mainland China and throughout the world, to promote the values of traditional Chinese civilization and establish a forum for scholarly dialogue;
    3. To increase understanding of Chinese civilization in Hong Kong society.

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