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Centre for Translation

The Centre for Translation (CTN) of the Hong Kong Baptist University was established in 1994. Committed to academic research and to translation projects covering material from diverse fields, the Centre aims to promote the discipline of translation to match the rapid development and needs of the present day world.

The objectives of the Centre are:

  • to initiate, plan, coordinate and support research and publication projects related to translation;
  • to liaise among academics, inside and outside the Hong Kong Baptist University, and professional practitioners in the field to carry out research and publication projects;
  • to coordinate the efforts of the staff with those of translation graduates, postgraduate students and undergraduate students of this University in research and publication projects in order to foster a research culture and a culture of good professional practice.

Promoting the Development of the Translation Discipline

Between 1996 and 1997, the Centre co-published with the Commercial Press a book series titled “The Hong Kong Baptist University Centre for Translation Series” (in Chinese). This comprised a total of four works: Translation Criticism and Appreciation (1996), A Translation Primer (1996), Life and Translation (1996), and The Translation Profession (1997). Since the Centre’s inception, renowned scholars from overseas have been invited to give talks and lectures. In 2001, the Centre took the initiative to introduce the “Translation Seminar Series”, a series of monthly seminars, to facilitate regular discussion and dialogue among Translation staff and postgraduate students in universities territory wide as well as visiting academics from abroad. During 2005, 2006 and 2010, the Centre was awarded three rounds of funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council to co-publish the “Jane Lai Drama Translation Series”, a total of 21 play scripts translated into Cantonese by Professor Jane Lai, the founding Director of the Centre. Another Chinese book series on Translation Studies “Tongtianta Congshu (通天塔叢書)”, comprising a total of 5 books, was also jointly published with the Hunan People’s Publishing House during 2011-2013.

Training Practitioners and Researchers in the Field

At the undergraduate level, the Centre has worked in synergy with the the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies (the then Translation Programme) of Hong Kong Baptist University to offer students valuable experience in a number of large-scale translation projects including the Chinese translation of the nine-volume Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia commissioned by OUP (HK) and, since 2003, the annual event of the “Children’s Council” co-organized by UNICEF, the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights, and Against Child Abuse Ltd. At the postgraduate level, the Centre ran the Translation Research Summer School (Hong Kong) in collaboration with three UK partners from 2009 to 2013 and organized two postgraduate conferences (in 1998, which was the first in Hong Kong, and in 2012). It is also active in the ARTIS (Advancing Research in Translation & Interpreting Studies) initiative and organized an ARTIS conference in 2016, on the theme of “Researching Collaborative Translation: An International Symposium”. A number of regional and international conferences, such as the First Hong Kong Baptist University International Conference on Interpreting (2017), have also been (co-)organized over the years. The 2018 6th IATIS Conference, with the theme “Translation and Cultural Mobility”, was recently co-hosted successfully by the Centre for Translation and the then Translation Programme from 3 to 6 July 2018 in conjunction with the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies, attracting more than 300 delegates in the discipline from all over the world. Another international conference, Genealogies of Knowledge II, will be co-organized with the Genealogies of Knowledge Project, University of Manchester at Hong Kong Baptist University during 7-9 April 2020.

Contribution to Research

The Centre’s research projects have covered areas such as Chinese and Western Translation theories, translation of Materia Medica, legal translation, interpreting, literary translation and drama translation. The Centre’s staff boasts an impressive array of research publications, many in leading international journals in the field. Several of the Centre’s fellows and honorary research fellows hold external research funding, including GRF grants.

Public Service and Knowledge Transfer

Centre for Translation

Aiming to link teaching with research, consultancy and professional practice, the Centre has been engaging actively in public service, consultancy and collaborative work with the community in providing quality Chinese and English translation and editing services. The Centre served as partner to various local cultural events such as the Hong Kong International Poetry Festival: Poetry and Translation (1997), “Eye on Hong Kong” (1998), UN-initiated Poetry Readings (2001), Asian Cultural Co-operation Forum (2006), the Mediterranean Arts Festival (2007), the Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010 (2010), and the "Hong Kong Memory” website (2012).

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