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The Research Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage is set up with the following missions:

  • to consolidate various research methodologies related to traditional Chinese culture;
  • to provide a platform for international academic exchange and collaboration in traditional Chinese culture; and
  • to promote traditional Chinese culture and arts to the community. “Literature and Religion” and “Classics” are the two main research themes of the Centre. For the former, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature has set a solid foundation by organizing international conferences and publishing a series of books on “Literature and Religion” since 1995, assuming a leading role in this field. For the latter, significant contributions in shaping the direction of the field have been made by our colleagues with their in-depth research and international renown.
Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage

The Centre works closely with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and other local/overseas academic institutes to organize international conferences and to encourage academic exchange at different levels. Internationally acclaimed scholars as well as postgraduate students will be invited to host lectures and to undertake short-term studies. Promotion of traditional Chinese culture includes organizing classes and seminars on guqin, kunqu, rituals and other forms of Chinese cultural heritage. Prof. Lo Ming Tung is the Centre's director, Dr. Chung Ching Hong is the associate director, Prof. Wee Lian Hee, Dr. Lee Heung Sing and Ms. Cheung Lai Chun are the research fellows and Dr. Chen I-Ling is the post-doc research fellow.

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