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AIcreAI+e by Debora Hugenroth

Co-sponsored by our Faculty and the Ethical and Theoretical AI Lab at the Hong Kong Baptist University, this lecture series will invite distinguished scholars all over the world to share research and insights on the ethical, legal, and social issues raised by the rapid development and deployment of AI technologies, as well as work in the science and engineering of AI that is informed or shaped by ethical considerations. Most lectures in this series will be accessible without specialized technical knowledge.  


DateSpeakerTitle (Click for more info!)
19 March 2021

Prof. Katina Michael
(Arizona State University)

Is Automated Contact Tracing Amid COVID 19 Biosurveillance or Uberveillance?
14 April 2021

Prof. Joanna Bryson
(Hertie School)

Bias, Trust, and Doing Good: Scientific Explorations of Topics in AI Ethics
17 May 2021Prof. Robert Sparrow
(Monash University)
Slaves to the Algorithms? Algocracy and Republican Liberty 
17 June 2021

Dr. Guo Rui (Renmin University of China)

The Remorse of King Midas — Reflections on the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence 

20 August 2021Dr. Joscha Bach (Intel Labs)

Beyond Bias: Towards an AI Ethics of Shared Purpose  

29 September 2021 Prof. David Danks (University of California, San Diego)AI Ethics as Translational Ethics
2 November 2021

Dr. Pei-Sze CHOW  (University of Amsterdam)

Ghost in the (Hollywood) Machine: AI tools in the early stages of film production
18 March 2022

Prof. Susan Blackmore (University of Plymouth) 

Consciousness, Buddhism, and Artificial Intelligence: a Conversation with Susan Blackmore

6-8 April 2022Click Here for details!An International Conference in Humanities Research: A.I. and Beyond, Culturally Speaking