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From Central Institution to Regional Indoctrination: The Interplay between Ritual Policies and Cultural Assimilation in the Didactic Transformation of Ancient Chinese Etiquette in the Chosun Dynasty of Korea from the 15th to 16th Century


Prof. LO Ming Tung

B.A. (HKBU), M.Phil. (HKBU), Ph.D. (HKBU)

Director of Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage; Head and Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature


  • General Research Fund (GRF/13-16/245913)


  • This project examines the transformation of ancient Chinese ritual concepts into practice in local communities of Korea during the Chosun Dynasty. The project will compare the source materials regarding the rituals preserved in the documents of the Royal House and National Archives of Chosun Dynasty with ancient Chinese ritual records, aiming to analyze the process of cultural assimilation, as the central government implemented ritual policies through regional organizations at different administrative layers, such as counties, townships and neighborhoods. The project will also study how the central government constructed and adjusted its policies in collaboration with Confucian scholars to suit the target of regional indoctrination, and how it adapted in response to cultural resistance arising from Korean traditional customs, or divergence of geographical features and economic structure in various regions. The findings of the project will make a significant contribution to understanding how cultural assimilation can move from a cultural elite to grass-roots communities, and provide a more complete and in-depth picture of Sino-Korean cultural interactions from the 15th to 16th centuries.