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Anthropocene Studies

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Prof. LO Kwai Cheung, Head of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing
Dr. YEUNG Jessica W. Y., Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


The geological term “Anthropocene,” designating significant human impacts on ecosystems, constitutes this subtheme that aims to examine how humanities such as philosophy, literature, and arts respond to climate change, environmental politics, human-nature interactions, interspecies relationships, global competition for resources, effects of fossil fuel consumption on the Earth as well as other related socio-cultural transformations.

News & Events

Our research group has so far organized three talks by inviting a scientist (ex-director of Hong Kong Observatory), 3 historians specializing in environment and energy history, and 4 indie filmmakers who work on ecology issues to share with us their understanding of the topic. Before then, members of our team have organized a symposium on China and the Anthropocene in collaboration with colleagues from the King's College of U.K. and we have published the presentations as an anthology entitled "Chinese Shock of the Anthropocene: Image, Music and Text in the Age of Climate Change."