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Song Dedicated to Drivers from Dr. Chow Yiu Fai's Lyrics-Writing Class


Students of Dr Chow Yiu Fai’s lyrics-writing class (2018-19) interviewed people from all walks of life in our society and turned their inspiring stories into poetic lyrical lines. No one would have expected that some of these songs see even more relevance at this moment of crisis in our city, where people like medical professionals, taxi drivers and security guards are bearing more risks and working even harder during the coronavirus epidemic. With the collective efforts of talents from HKBU and beyond, three music videos will be made to dedicate our support and admiration for people serving Hong Kong in this difficult period of time. This is the second of three. (See the first one, a tribute to medical professionals on: Together, we combat the virus, and we empower through disempowerment.

Message from students:

In 2018, Dr Chow Yiu Fai incorporated service-learning into his lyrics-writing class which enabled the encounter between Fong Chung Yan, one of his students and Johnathan, a nightshift taxi driver. Fong came to know that Johnathan is no ordinary taxi driver: on top of taking his passengers safely to their destinations, he also listens to their stories: tired and sleepy midnight commuters tend to share the bits and pieces about their daily lives. Fong found Johnathan interesting and remarkable, and decided to write a song for him as well as other transportation professionals who work hard—and extra hard during the coronavirus outbreak. The song and its music video are the collective efforts of HKBU students, alumni and staff members, and the taxi driver in the MV happens to be a BU graduate who is a licensed taxi driver in real life too aside his other work engagements. This song is upbeat and rhythmic, reminding us of speed, hurriedness and the dynamics of both taxi drivers and our city. Let’s dedicate it to all the transportation professionals in Hong Kong. We love our roads, our streets, our home. Hong Kong: ADD OIL!

yat1sai3m4bat1yip6: Chow Yiu Fai Lyrics Writing Course Alumni
Hong Kong Baptist University Centre for Innovative Service-Learning


Lyrics are available in the Chinese version of the page.