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Short-term Staff Development Grant

For details of the University guideline set up by PERS, please visit: Here

Short-term Staff Development Programmes

  1. In the Arts Faculty, short-term programmes of “conference/seminar attendance” include also high standing international creative group activities such as international group art exhibitions, international ensemble music performances, etc.
  2. Supporting documents of a staff development grant application should include the following:
    1. information stating the name, date and content of the programme and explanation of the importance and the high standing of the group activity, the exhibition or performance in which the applicant takes a significant part;
    2. invitation letter for participation issued by the organizing body; in which the applicant takes a significant part;
    3. printed information stating the cost of accommodation (e.g. hotel rate), meals and other relevant items, as provided by the organizing body;
    4. the period of the activity to be covered by the fund, following the general practice in the past, should not exceed 8 days.
  3. Other matters follow the general guideline


Application form (Word / PDF)