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Dr. Adam Craig SCHWARTZ

Dr. Adam Craig SCHWARTZ

Associate Professor of Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology; Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature


Phone number3411 5355
ORCID number0000-0003-1493-4915



PhD University of Chicago

Research area(s):

Early China; paleography; excavated texts and manuscripts; Classical commentaries

Teaching area(s):

Excavated texts and manuscripts; Yijing; Classical Chinese prose and fiction 

Taught previously at:

NYU, Yale

Selected output(s):

1. The Huayuanzhuang East Oracle bone Inscriptions. JAS Library of Sinology,
Volume 3. Berlin: De Gruyter, November 2019. 474 pages.

2. “Shang sacrificial animals—Material Documents and Images”, Chapter 1 in
Animals through Chinese History: Earliest Times to 1911. Edited by Dagmar Shäfer,
Roel Sterckx, and Martina Siebert. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, January
2019, 20-45.

3. 〈《甲骨文“勘巫九靈”和“勘巫九骼”涵義新考》,中國社會科學院甲骨學殷商史
研究中心集刊《甲骨文與殷商史》新八輯:紀念殷墟甲骨文發現120 週年專輯。
上海古籍出版社,2018 年11 月,429‐438 頁。

4. “Between Numbers and Images: The Many Meanings of Trigram Gen 艮 in the
Early Yijing”, Asiatische Studien 72.4 (Winter 2018), 1133-1193.
5. 〈從象數角度解釋《筮法》“死生”篇的一些內容〉,清華大學出土文獻研究

Current project(s):

The language of the Huayuanzhuang East oracle bone inscriptions (GRF ECS 2019-2022), one volume of English translations of Jao Tsung-I’s oracle bone scholarship.

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